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Professional Services

Tree Shaping and Pruning

Your trees are an architectural extension of your home; we can help your trees add stately beauty and function to your living environment.

Aside from the aesthetics of skillful shaping, proper pruning entails an understanding that a tree's canopy should provide the most efficient, safe and attractive array of solar panels possible. Proper pruning keeps trees from interfering with code compliance, with buildings or important vistas and with the movements of people and their vehicles. It is also how we manage competition among trees for light and space and how we address vegetative crowding.

Over-pruning is a huge problem in the Dallas area. I see giant trees all over town dying from over-pruning and too much water, especially in luxury neighborhoods. I know when to leave them alone.

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Landscape Consultation and Installation

Your landscape and gardens should be a perfect balance of scientific reality and the imagination. They should offer a constant procession of seasonal surprises.

We can design and install your landscape and gardens or improve the one you already have. It is wise to update your landscape every few years.

Whether you have the hard lines and sparse simplicity of contemporary minimalism; the verdant abundance of an English or Japanese garden; or the dry, rugged, colorful styles of the Mediterranean and the American Southwest — we know the perfect trees and plants for every style of living. 

An architectural extension of your home, your landscape and gardens should be wonderfully rich in colors, textures, smells and sculptural forms.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Tree Disease

As with us animals, if trees are healthy, have their needs met and are given all the resources they need, they are usually able to fight disease on their own. As with us, prevention is usually the cheapest and best way to stay healthy. Sometimes, though, intervention in the way of treatments is necessary. We have the scientific knowledge, ability and experience to prevent, diagnose and treat tree disease.


Tree Injection

A brilliant innovation, microinjection of trees is the fastest, cleanest, most efficient way to administer pesticides, fungicides, nutrition and even antibiotics. Formerly, these substances were applied by spraying, which, as you can imagine, wasn't exactly precise.

With tree injection, the substance is injected directly into the sap stream of the tree. This allows one to use a tiny amount of the chemical without exposing the air, soil, or other plants and animals. It can be applied in the rain and is effective much longer than spraying. 

Before the tree injection innovation, most fertilizer had to be broadcast in large amounts where it must go into solution and find its way through soil to the root hairs of the target plant. Along the way, the nitrogen and other nutients are consumed by weeds and microbes.

But with microinjection, trees large and small, teeming with birds and beneficial insects, can be treated down to every last leaf and affects only the pests feeding on the tree. 


Tree Planting

Working with a degreed horticulturalist has untold benefits. I will advise you on which, if any, of your trees need to be removed (or cabled) and which trees will work beautifully for you to plant in the areas you want. 

For example, trees with girdling roots or planting depth issues can grow normally for 20 years before going into untreatable decline. You want to know that before you plant. I can advise you on the perfect tree to meet your style and function needs.

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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Tree removal is fraught with complexity. To make the best decision on whether a tree should be removed and to avoid mishap or danger, again, the degreed professional is the way to go. Tree removal requires experience, experience, experience.

Once a tree is removed, the stump must be taken out as well. Our equipment can pass through a 30-inch gate and go down to two feet deep if necessary.

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Construction Mitigation

If you are building your home, problems related to trees can take years to manifest and can appear after builders are long gone. Bringing in an arborist before breaking ground can make all the difference. I am very builder-friendly, but builders should note that bringing me in from the beginning shows that you care and did everything possible if things were to go wrong.

The same is true for when you are remodeling your home.


Stopping Tree Sap from Dripping

Understanding what is really happening is the secret to effectively solving this problem. Knowing why it's dripping leads to a quick fix. Typically, we can stop sap from dripping within one hour.

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Lone Star Arboriculture has served the Dallas area since 2006. Owner Burton Knight has more than twenty-five years of arborist experience. For consultation call us at (214) 763-0595 or send us an email by clicking the link below.

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