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Burton was fearless in expertly sculpting the live oaks and cedar elms that had been sorely neglected for years at our home in Austin. He was also keen on educating us about which trees were in a state of decline, with recommendations to replace those trees with others that were native to the area and would provide years of enjoyment. Once the pruning was complete, the detritus was completely hauled away — as if he had taken a vacuum cleaner to the yard and driveway. Final note: after an early morning discussion on the advantages of drip coffee vs. cappuccino, he showed up the next day with an espresso machine where he expertly brewed the perfect cup. Touché.

Beth W.

Several years ago, Lone Star Arboriculture came out to prune the many cedar elms in our front yard. Lord, they were awful -- scraggly and so thick with dead limbs that I couldn't grow anything in the front yard due to their dark shading. I'll never forget walking into the front yard and looking up at the trees after he finished; I felt like Dorothy walking into Oz for the first time. All of a sudden the trees were just beautiful, and the light! I could grow beautiful grass and a stunning row of bicolor irises in my yard that I never could before. The owner, Burton Knight, did all the work himself. He's as much an artist as an arborist. Thank you, Burton!

Antoinette I.

Thank you, Burton and Balthazar, for cutting all that destructive mistletoe out of my trees, trimming the dead parts and suggesting I replace the English ivy on the house with Boston ivy. So much appreciated. I enjoy your happiness, fun spirit and professional work ethic.

Kathy R.

We've used Lone Star Arboriculture for several years and have been very happy with the work. We have a lot of trees and we've had them out frequently for pruning, fertilizing and other tree care. Several years ago, Lone Star designed and installed landscaping in our back yard. Burton did a very nice job of listening to what we like and don't and came up with a plan we're very happy with. There's a large variety of plants, they're fairly low maintenance (which I requested), and they bloom at different times. There's always something interesting and new in the yard. We're very happy with the results and would use Lone Star again.

Tom T.

We contacted Lone Star Arboriculture to initially verify some health in some large, overgrown trees in our yard. Owner Burton Knight quickly assessed and advised the best route to take for each different tree. Since then, we have used him for tree removal and stump grinding, and most recently to redesign and plant our front beds to make the most impact on the front of our home. He is very friendly and has completely turned our property around! Two thumbs up for this knowledgeable arborist!

Joanne and Jeff S.

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